Upstate Downstate is an adventurous and very funny book about a truck driver who loses his job in Long Island and moves to Upstate New York. He takes a job as a bar manager at a bar secretly owned by the Mafia, who use it as a front for their money laundering operation. Patrick, the protagonist soon finds himself and his new bartender girlfriend in over their head as they become embroiled in the Mafia's dangerous dealings. The book is filled with witty humor, suspense, and a hint of romance, making it a must-read for fans of blue-collar fiction and those who enjoy lots of good laughs.
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Meet Jeff Ward

Jeff Ward, after retiring from Newsday, a New York newspaper, decided to write a book that has been in his head for many years. After a year in college as a Math major, life got in the way and full-time work ensued.

Married with children, (yes, like Al Bundy, he worked selling women’s shoes out of high school), he has grandchildren and a Great-grandchild. He enjoys making people laugh and having a good time. Now splitting time between Florida and New York, he is relishing his retired life.

After completing Upstate Downstate, he made many rough copies and gave many to friends and family. Almost everyone who read it and told him how good it was, and told him he should have it published. After several years of sitting on it, he decided to give it a try and this is it. Enjoy the read!

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Favorite Excerpts

The Jailhouse Rock Inn

The Jailhouse Rock Inn is your typical gin mill, with local folks that come to drink after a hard day’s work. While they all know one each other, doesn’t mean it all goes smoothly, especially during hunting season when the downstaters take over the joint. Great for the bar owner but a rough and tumble place during the season. While a typical night at the Rock produces two to three fights, the amount triples during the hunting season! Come meet and join them for the festivities.

About the Characters

Mary Jane Withanee

M J, or Mary Jane Withanee, is a well endowed beauty, with a great personality. Unfortunately for Patrick, who is enamored with her, but she is taken by Brad, a tall strapping handsome dude with money. Triangular fun(not that way) abounds.

Patrick Hunneywell

Patrick Hunneywell is an honest, dependable and likable character. What you see is what he is. You will enjoy trials and tribulations and you will feel like you are part of his journey!

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